Anne Løvenskjold


Our Promise

Hi, my name is Anne. 

I’m passionate about providing quality illustration and design service in Aalborg, Denmark. I always go above and beyond to ensure I get the job done right the first time. My work stands out because ….

I’ve been doing illustration and design work since 2012, and I love it because it gives me the chance to educate about endangered nature while creating something beautiful and useful.

I look forward to working with you to help meet all your Illustration and design needs.

Local & World-Class Printing

We're excited to say that we've teamed up with truly, carefully curated printers from all over the world.

Why? Because we want you to have world-class products as soon and as sustainably as possible! When you order, your product will be finished to by the best local printer, based on delivery country, cost and shipping time. 

Read more about the specifics of our quality in the FAQ.